Other than winning the world series, the ultimate prize for most baseball players is being inducted into the hall of fame. It is also something their fans love. In part, because it certifies their lifetime achievements and value to the league. Still, there are many questions people have when it comes to how players are voted in. Many wonder if the entire process is fair. First off, players are voted into the hall of fame by the BBWAA. That stands for the Baseball Writer’s Association of America. This list includes prominent sports writers from all over the country. Their votes are sent by mail and include players who have recently retired.

As far as how many years a player must be on the roster of consideration, that is ten years. Players who are not voted in after those ten years can be reconsidered for review later on. It’s important to note that the BBWAA and its members are independent of the hall of fame. Each member of BBWAA earns a vote which he or she can cast for their particular choice. Of course with so many players to choose from, not all of them are voted in.

Over the years, there have been many players who missed their entry by a few votes. As far as fairness and the entire process is concerned, there will always be questions. They generally come from some fans and people who think that there might be some wrongdoing. However, for a ‘fix’ or foul play to take place, it would require a large portion of members of the BBWAA to be in on it. That of course, is much more difficult than it sounds. For one, in this day and age, it is extremely difficult to get people with dissenting opinions to agree. Much more to conspire together on issues such as baseball, and to keep that conspiracy secret.

The truth is that there will always be disgruntled fans and players. They may feel as if they were not included for one reason or another. But the bottom line is that over the years, there has never been a single incident of impropriety in regards to the hall of fame voting in baseball.