Do People Have Sex at Baseball Games?

Spankbang and Youporn videos have made sex at different locations appealing to us. From public toilets to offices, cars and even a baseball game.

Do you think that it is possible, in such a super-charged atmosphere like a baseball game, that individuals engage in the most ethereal act of copulation? Your answer is not far-fetched: yes, people, at baseball games, really do have and enjoy sex, and you can list the different kinds. Someone once said that having sex when you’re scared of getting caught makes it even more enjoyable, although I haven’t tried it.

And if you still entertain any doubts as to the authenticity of this claim, look no further than these examples. On March 29, 2018, two Met fans created a buzz different to the one happening on the field of play, where the guy had his hand way down the pants of the girl, as their bodies pressed against one another in the stands.

The game ended in victory for the Mets over the St. Louis Cardinals, so it seemed the horny pair decided to ‘sexelebrate’ the win or they needed an avenue to release the stress associated with watching such opening games of the baseball season. One commenter stated that the lady must have caught a different fly ball!

In another sexcapade, this time at a spring training game at Scottsdale, Arizona’s Salt River Fields, March 21st, 2018, a man also had his hands deep down the trouser of his girl. He stood behind her. The lady, apparently in the throes of ecstasy, wrapped her arms around the neck of her pleasure-giver and at certain times, the duo exchanged smooches and kisses. They were oblivious to other spectators, some of whom were no more than a few feet away!

So the question that would naturally prick (no pun intended) your mind would be what motivates people to have sex at baseball games. Well, these points could shine the light on the matter:

  1. Some folks enjoy the thrill of being watched. Yeah, and there is a name for that sort of thing: Voyeurism! So these people have sex in a little public place because they derive sexual pleasure cum satisfaction from the fact that they have an invited or uninvited viewership.
  1. At other times, they get their kicks when they feel that they can have sex without getting caught; like keeping a straight face while they fuck away.

If there’s a bet you can take to the bank, it is the fact that episodes of people having sex and at baseball games, will continue for a long, long time!